After the Befores

As my photography and retouching skills progress, I’ve been more aware of the types of comments I have been receiving. For example,

“Wow you’re so lucky that you’re so talented. I wish I could do that.”

I know I know, this seems like it is veering in the direction of a humble brag but bare with me for a second. It got me thinking about my journey as an editor and photographer and one thing I have come to realize,

I am not lucky.

I have been doing what I do for the past 5 years. 5 years including being called lazy by my lecturer whilst I worked in the industry and studied at the same time, being thrown into the production world where I slept maybe 2 hours a night, working for a company that was a glorified sweatshop where I barely slept at all, hustling to find clients, canceling plans with friends and family to practice a new editing technique. The list goes on, but one thing I am now certain of,

I am not lucky. I just work damn hard.




All the time we’ve wasted ….

It has been a hot minute since I posted on here…

Inconsistency seem to be the only consistency I manage to uphold which brings forth all the irony. So let’s start with some lengthy memoir as to why I have been absent for a solid 3 years followed by a heartfelt apology that is laced with adjectives and self deprivation to bring forward my utter dismay as well as one can convey via non verbal word.

Ha, no.

Life my friends, 

a rollercoaster of tragedies and small victories laced with some memorable moments are the reasons I haven’t posted. Things sometimes get away from us but now that I feel like I am settling more into the dreaded adultness of this stage of my life, consistency is something I am heavily working on, hence my sudden return.

But lets get to the good stuff

My photography has taken a dramatic leap over the past 3 years as I think I finally have an idea of what I’m actually trying to say, so stay tuned for some things I have been working on that I’m pretty excited about


Stay Golden 




She was neither here nor there.


Lost beneath brown eyes and curly hair


With jagged teeth and vacant stare


She was neither here nor there.


It has been almost a year since I last posted. I must say that I had forgotten about this blog. A lot has changed in this last year, including myself. Yet, the feeling of being lost still remains.

Me Send



Hello my lovely readers.

Yes yes I know.

I have been absent for a ridiculously long time. I have been struggling to manage varsity and work life

Grow up they said, it will be fun, they said

Anyways I hope to be posting more frequently as  really do miss blogging. In the spirit of my return, Here is a portrait a took a few week ago


Skater Boy

Please excuse the corny title, it has been a while since I last blogged so wittiness is a little on the scares side.

Why hello lovely people of the internet. I know I know, I just disappeared but hey,

Life happened.

Yesterday afternoon I shot a very ballsy skater.

Skate parks frighten and confuse me.


Simply, Bearable.

So we are heading towards the new year and, like every end of year, I sit and contemplate my life and the choices I made in the present year. I think about what I can do to be a better soul(Ronnie Radke fans will appreciate that reference) and what I would like to do differently the following year. This year, my last official “teen” year, I have been striving to be accepted as an adult but feel I have failed to do so. Next year I will officially be in my twenties and I’m ready to “grow up” and not always expect people to take me seriously when I fail to do so myself. I am not saying that a child like spirit is bad but there comes a time in ones life where you crave a different kind of respect. Well, at least I do anyway.

Right, onto the photography.

My childhood nickname has always been bear and although it is a term of endearment, I feel like I hide behind it and henceforth can not take myself seriously. This nickname will always be a big part of who I am but it will not define me. My name is Sarah, and I am ready for 2015


My Flawless Ending

So yesterday afternoon I had scheduled a shoot with a local band by the name of My Flawless Ending. Naturally I was flushed with nerves as not only was this my first band shoot, but The lead guitarist of the band is my friend and roommate so if I did happen to screw up, I feared I would stare into the face of disappointment everyday. So naturally I planned ahead for a nice afternoon shoot. And then life happened…

Afternoon turned to evening and I was forced to use strobe lights

Strobe Lighting:

origin: Google it

A technique that Sarah is very very Very unfamiliar with.

So after a whole evening of panic, I decided to call it a night and pray that my photoshop skills would carry me through.

Here is the final product

MFE1 (9)

“Do what you love and do it well”

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of shooting a vintage themed clothing line for a very talented friend of mine. But if you have followed my blog for a while you will know that my photo shoots tend to entail some rather unfortunate events. This time it was the sun. That big burning ball of gas burnt me like a piece of bacon but It was worth it!  So as I sit here, hoping that one day the skin on my back will return to its former glory, I leave with three images from the shoot. Fashion1-(8)-web Fashion7-(12)-web Fashion9-(6)-web But before I leave, I would like to ask a favor of you beautiful lovelies. Would you mind liking my facebook page and follow me on instagram? I would greatly appreciate it Facebook: Instagram: @sosarahisit